"The Universe Generator System."


Let's go to UGS. Well, check the Changelog for a full project's evolution. A brief review for the most important features currently implemented:
  • Built around SDL(Simple Direct Layer) and OpenGL, both widely known multiplataform libraries. 
  • An object oriented design allowing to have multiple independant objects on a scene. They can be defined on a hierarchical structure where all the objects are "children" of a parent (and active) universe, who knows for example which lights are turn on, which is the active camera, time, etc.
  • Almost full featured matrixes, vectors and quaternions support classes.
  • Format independant model handler class. We currently support MS3D files, but it will be easy to include other formats like 3DS
  • Volumetric shadows
  • Model animations and bones
  • A multi-purpose particle system to implement effects like fire, snown, rain, insects, blood, etc.
  • Water simulation
  • Lensflare
  • Procedural trees
  • It can play music and sounds, support mod, xm, mp3, ogg vorbis, etc.
  • It can load any picture format to make a simple texture.
  • Terrain engine, with texture blending, shadow map generated using collision detection, LOD, athmosferic effect.
  • Pixel buffer support to have multiple render contexts, using WGL_PBUFFER and GLX_PBUFFER extensions (win32 and X-window respectively).

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