"The Universe Generator System."


Particle System: Fire heuristic using wind and unstable light attached, rain particles and "clouds" particles
Fire ms3d model clouds
Terrain generator: implements interaction water, real time LOD (using a fast quadtree algorithm), optional anisotropic filter, atmospheric effect, clouds, sun, collision detection with the ground, animated MS3D models with volumentric stenciled shadows

Terrain generador: Camera focus (blur a selectable fustrum), procedural tree heuristic (every tree is different of another one) with wind in the leaves. It also implements a lensflare effect using occlusion test.

Terrain generador: More procedural trees, depth of field (focus) and a coast with a huge blend cross.

Water interactions (with a "putDrop method"), Radial blur and Pixel buffer example, using WGL_PBUFFER for win32 and GLX_PBUFFER extension for X-window (requires at least GLX 1.2).

Spherical terrain engine, this was the first aproximation for a terrain. They were implemented like a "huge sphere" (sky and ground).

Other screenshots
This work was made by myself this summer before UGS, but many features were included in the ugs later.
Download a video (~2.2MB) with music, recorded on my old PC (celeron 700Mhz + TNT2 32MB)
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